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Tuulia Salmela dyes yarn and fiber at Knitlob’s Lair. She teaches knitting and spinning and designs knitting patterns. She also translates crafts books from English to Finnish.
Dyeing and yarn is the reason for existence for her, and so the vast color chart of Knitlob’s Lair yarns keeps on growing. Spinning is an art never to be fully mastered, and thus Tuulia get excited about new fibers, new yarns and new techniques every day.

Kuituoppiluento / Mastering Fibers and Yarn Types for Crafters

to / Thu 6.7.2017zupticket_logo_ostaliput_bu
klo / hours 14-17
hinta / price 35e
Suomen käsityön museo / The Craft Museum of Finland
Opetuskielenä suomi / Class is in Finnish

What should a knitter or a crocheIMG_6008.JPG.jpgting enthusiast know about different yarn types and
materials? What is the difference between plied yarn vs. single-ply yarn? How is cotton different from linen? Merino wool or not? Find the answers to all of these questions plus a lot of information of different types of wool and yarn, and how to use them all!

You will receive all the materials needed at the workshop. Lecture is in Finnish.


Värttinäkurssi / Spinning basics with a spindle

su / Sun 9.7.2017zupticket_logo_ostaliput_bu
klo / hours 10-13
hinta / price 69e
Kaupungintalo / City Hall
Opetuskielenä suomi / Class is in Finnish

Learn the basic spinning technique using combed wool and a drop spindle. The workshop concentrates on spinning a single which will then be plied into yarn. We will also discuss ways to finish different types of yarn.

You will receive all the materials needed at the workshop. Class is in Finnish.