Nathan Taylor (aka Sockmatician on Ravelry, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter) is a knitwear designer, knitting teacher, and popular podcaster on YouTube. Since starting his adult knitting life in 2011, he has had patterns published in a lot of knitting magazines. The majority of his patterns, however, can be purchased individually on Ravelry.

Although his designs encompass a wide variety of techniques, Nathan is most known for his work in developing and designing patterns in Double-Knitting: a technique for creating a reversible, two-sided fabric in two or more colours, where the pattern and colours on one side are inverted on the other. Nathan has given classes in the subject all over the UK, Europe, America, New Zealand, and Australia, in locations ranging from the smallest local yarn shop, to North America’s largest sheep and wool festival, Rhinebeck.

Nathan is full of energy and we had a lot of fun with his classes last year, so we are delighted that he’s coming to join us again!

Shaping: the future of double-knitting
Friday 5/7/19, 10-13
City hall: Pamppu
12 seats
Tickets from Titityy 75€

Saturday 6/7/19, 14-17
City hall: Pamppu
12 seats
Tickets from Titityy 75€

Ready to move on from using double-knitting to make pot-holders, coasters and scarves? Then this is the class for you.
Double-knitting is a fantastic technique for creating reversible, double-squishy fabric with no unsightly wrong sides, and can be used for many different purposes. If you want to take your double-knitting to the next level, you are going to need to know a little bit more than how to make the standard stocking-stitch-on-both-sides fabric that we all know and love. I’ll show you how to execute a variety of different types of both increases and decreases, and tell you where you might want to use each of them to their best effect.

We’ll talk bout the concepts behind changing shaping techniques for single-face knitting into reversible, two- sided shaping techniques that will allow you the freedom to turn your double-knitting into any shape you like.

The class covers two different types of yarn overs (both connected and unconnected forms), along with the Make One increase (both left- and right-leaning). For decreases, we’ll discuss the idea of matched pairs, and learn about right- and left-leaning single and double decreases, as well as the Centred Double Decrease, and a whole variety of others. Time permitting, we’ll even learn how to do German Short Rows in DK, so that you can send your double-knitting round corners!

Once you get to grips with what is possible, the possibilities are endless. This really IS the future of double- knitting!

I would advise bringing a sugary snack and some water to the class, as I’ll be giving your brains a good work out.

Level of experience: Intermediate/Advanced. This is a class that will be suitable for knitters with some experience of double-knitting, who are looking to expand their horizons.
Skills needed: You will need to be competent in standard, two-colour double-knitting, creating a fabric that show as stocking stick on both sides. You will need to know how to cast on in two colours, alternating knit and purl stitches, to set up for DK, and you will preferably need to know how to perform the Slip-Stitch Edge technique for creating neat and tidy edges that lock the two faces of your fabric together, although any edge
technique for DK would suffice.
Materials students must bring with them: You will need about 20g of each of two colours of yarn, worked into the swatch described below. Use two highly contrasting colours, and a nice smooth yarn that is not too grippy.
Homework: A swatch worked as follows:
Using DK-weight yarn, and appropriately sized needles, cast on 20 PAIRS of stitches (40sts in total), using any two-colour, alternating cast on you like, and work about 5-8 rows of standard double-knitting, where both faces of the fabric display stocking stitch. Do not work any colour changes, so that you will have colour A on one side, and colour B on the other with no pattern showing.
DO NOT CAST OFF YOUR SWATCH! We will continue knitting it in the class.

Demystifying double-knitting
Friday 5/7/19, 14-17
City Hall: Pamppu
12 seats
Tickets from TitiTyy 75€

Sunday 7/7/19, 10-13
City hall: Pamppu
12 seats
Tickets from TitiTyy 75€

This is a class for knitters who want to explore the wonderful world of double-knitting (DK). That’s the two- sided technique, not the yarn weight!

DK is a versatile and wonderful way of creating stunning effects in reversible, two-sided knitting, so no more wrong sides, no unsightly floats, and best of all, two garments in one, as whatever beautiful pattern is displayed on the front, shows on the back too, but with the colours reversed. Magic!

Because the results are often so impressive, a lot of people feel that DK is beyond their knitting capabilities. This class proves that belief to be entirely wrong! As with any other type of knitting, no matter how complex the finished project, it is only One Stitch at a Time (#OSAAT), and if you can knit and purl, then you too can become a DK wizard.
In this class we will be exploring how the basic mechanics of DK work: looking at the structure of the fabric, and how the two sides interact with each other to create the interlocked, reversible beauty that only DK can give you. We’ll talk a little bit about what is possible in the technique, to give you a flavour of where this foundation can eventually lead you, but we’ll mostly be concerning ourselves with getting you familiar with what yarn goes where!
We’ll be starting with a two-colour cast on, learning about simple, no-pattern DK (one colour on one side, and a different colour on the other), reading DK charts, changing colours, and while we are learning all of this information, we’ll be creating a cute little coaster, with a gorgeous heart design on it. When you’ve finished, you can turn it over, and look! There’s another heart, in a different colour! Congratulations, you are now a double-knitter!

NECESSARY: The ability to knit and purl. That’s sort of it!
1) Please be familiar with the Long-Tail Cast On. If you have never done this before, please practice before attending the class. There are lots of videos on YouTube that will show you how.
2) It would be good to have some experience of working with two yarns at the same time. If you have alreadydone any stranded or fair isle knitting, and are already comfortable manipulating two strands of yarn together, you will be on to a winner! (If you normally use a yarn guide for holding two yarns in the same hand, it will be useful for you to bring it with you)

Level of experience: Adventurous Beginner
Materials students must bring with them: One set of 4mm knitting needles. Can be circs or straights. About 10g of each of two contrasting colours of DK-weight yarn. Choose a smooth yarn with a high twist for best results.
Homework: Prior to coming to the class, please brush up on the Long-Tail Cast On, tying a slip-knot with two strands of yarn, and as a little bonus, knitting two stitches together, with TWO strands of yarn