Knit Fest is the best and only knitting festival in Finland. The event will take place at Toivola’s Old Courtyard, the most beautiful shopping center of Jyväskylä. The festival is organized by two ladies.


Tiina Huhtaniemi is the owner of Finlands finest Yarn Store TitiTyy and she’s also the woman behind yarn brand TukuWool. Tiina is well known of her fiery yet lovely spirit, as well as her ability to get things done. Finland’s knitting scene wouldn’t be much without her and I bet she’s got something up her sleeve all the time.


Eveliina Eronen is a former all day knitter / indie dyer / runner-up in TDS15 / the winner of  TDS16. Now she is studying cultural management. She tries to steal time from school to knitting socks, sewing, dyeing for her friends and just relaxing. Yoga, cats and sauna are dear to her heart. Knit Fest is a part of her school program as she also wishes to graduate sometime soon.

We have a new visual identity! Talented Suvi Marianne Lehtinen is behind our logo, graphics and artwork. Go and take a look of her previous works on her tumblr-page!

From our webpage you should find all the information you need. If you’d like to participate into our festival as a vendor, please fill application and we will get in touch with you. Our marketplace is limited so we can not accept all.

On the Volunteer-site you can enter up as a volunteer. Knit Fest has a lot to do, and we couldn’t possibly do all this by ourselves. Volunteers are really important part of our event and we appreciate you dearly.

The webpage develops as does our festival. We are signing up contracts with the teachers and I promise that we keep you posted. Sign up for our blog and you won’t miss any news!