Nancy Marchant


Nancy Marchant is the Queen Mother of Brioche. For over 30 years, Nancy has studied the nuances of this European stitch, developing new and exciting stitches and techniques for achieving beautiful results. She is the author of Knitting Brioche, Knitting Fresh Brioche, Leafy Brioche and is working on her current knitting passion of developing tuck stitches. Nancy lives in Amsterdam yet still finds the time to travel the world giving lessons and spreading the Brioche love around.

Tuck Into Your Own Brioche Cowl

Thursday 14-17
Old Vicarage
Tickets 75€. Tickets are available 5th of March.


Cushy textured brioche cowls – who doesn’t want one? So why not create your own, using the yarns and colors that look best with your wardrobe? Class begins with learning about tuck brioche stitches and how to read a tuck/brioche chart. Then, working the body of the cowl, in the round, in a stitch pattern that you have selected from an stitchionary of 2-color tuck brioche stitches. You will walk out the door with the beginning of your own designer cowl and a small stitch dictionary (created exclusively for this class by Nancy) to help you design even more cowls at home.

Homework: We are going to use a variation of the long tail cast on for our cowl. Instead of using one yarn and its tail, we are going to use two yarns. Tie your two yarns together leaving a 6 inch tail. Wrap the light color around the thumb and the dark color around the index finger, work the long tail cast on just as you would if you were using only one yarn on a 16” circular needle, the size recommended for the yarn. Come to class having cast on 96 sts loosely – the 6 inch tail can be used later on to loosen up the cast on if it is too tight.

Materials student must bring: Small amounts of 2 contrasting colors of DK weight yarn to use for practicing the stitches, US4/3.5mm double-pointed or circular needle. For your cowl, you will need 2 contrasting colors of DK, or Aran weight yarn, at least 150 yds (140 m) each, and 16” circular needle one size smaller and one size larger than the size recommended for the yarn as well as the size recommended.

Class Level: Intermediate

Knowledge needed: Basic knitting skills including knowledge of increasing and decreasing.

Lacing Up Brioche

Friday 14-17
Old Vicarage
Tickets 75€. Tickets are available 5th of March.

Interested in a new lace technique? Brioche Lace is new, yet to be explored. Learn to apply brioche knitting to normally knitted lace stitch patterns to create reversible lace with different colors on each side. Lots of samples will be on display and discussed.
Materials student must bring: 2 colors smooth worsted or DK weight plain wool or cotton yarn, double-pointed or circular 4mm (US 6) needles
Class Level: Advanced
Knowledge needed: Students need to be familiar with knitting lace and reading lace charts as well as two-color brioche knitting. Homework: Bring a sample of something that you have made in two-color brioche (it could be just a swatch).