Molla Mills, en

MOLLA MILLS (b. 1979) is a Helsinki-based designer. She started her own company in 2008, producing small-scale handicrafts, such as crocheted berets. Her crocheted products have been sold, showcased and written about not only in Finland, but also abroad from Scandinavia to South Korea. In her fully-booked workshops she teaches her fans to turn rags into decorative items such as rugs and baskets.molla
Molla Mills charms with her neat and feminine style, sunny personality and never-ending original ideas. Her blog has a wide international audience, and it can be followed at

Popcornvirkkaus / Popcorns!zupticket_logo_ostaliput_bu

to / Thu 6.7.2017
klo / hours 10-13
Old vicarage / Vanha PappilaIMG_20170523_123446_330

pe / Fri 7.7.2017
klo / hours 14-17
hinta / price 59e
Kaupungintalo / City Hall
Opetuskielenä suomi / Class is in Finnish

Molla is gonna teach you to crochet with three colors. She uses trebles and popcorn-stitches. In the class you will crochet a small bag using cotton yarn and a 3mm crochet hook. In the class you will learn all the basic crochet stitches, how to change colors in your project and how to carry our yarns among the stitches.

You may bring your own yarns and hook to the class. Bring 3 colors: brown for the waffle, light for the ice-cream cones and a bright color for the backround. Bring a hook suitable for the yarns. The sample is made of Catania. Yarn store TitiTyy sells Catania, so you can shop there berofe your class!

Class is in Finnish.