Julie & Jeff Asselin


Dynamic duo of yarn dyers, Julie and Jeff love what they do and know how to share their passion, getting you hook on colours and reliable fibre blends. Based in Coaticook Quebec, their family business set itself apart with yarn made with care. A production that will ignite your creativity while having close to heart the well being of our planet.


All classes take place at a creative campus in Kangas and cost 189€ / class. Tickets are available 5th of March. Click the date below to purchase that days ticket.

The ticket includes 200 grams of yarn provided by Knit Fest. You will dye this yarn in the class.

Thursday 14-18 
Friday 14-18
Saturday 14-18
Sunday 10-14

Join us for a half day of color adventures. Expand your creativity, bringing to life special colors for your knitting projects and textile art. The class is taught by Julie and Jean-Francois together making for the best experience possible for the students.

What will this class be about?
Learn the core principles behind dyeing protein (animal) fibers using acid dyes.
Explore color theory in how colors interact with each other and how they are perceived. Colors play an important role in our life, we are surrounded by them, they influence our emotions and the way we see the world, how does it translate to knitting, textiles and handmade wardrobe?
Learn about the different types of fibers and yarn construction. How they play a role in our finish garments.
You will leave this class with knowledge and confidence to navigate the hand dyed world.

Materials are included to the class fee.


LECTURE: Incorporating Color into Your Knitted Wardrobe And Choosing the Right Fibers for the Perfect FO

Saturday 10-12.
Tickets 29€. Tickets are available 5th of March.

We all love colors–how often are we attracted to a skein of yarn because of all the pretty hues blending into each other? Colors make us happy! Have you also brought back home a marvelous skein only to realize that you don’t know what do to do with it? Julie Asselin shares her favorite tips and tricks for wearing the colors that make your heart rejoice and complement your wardrobe at the same time!
Wool, fine wool, cashmere, silk, alpaca, mohair, single ply, chainette, worsted spun, woolen spun, superwash, non treated–there are so many things to consider when choosing yarn for a project! How can you decipher all of these options and make the most of the yarns and patterns you love? Julie Asselin will help you navigate the fiber world in this lecture.