Internationally known superstars of the world of knitting give classes during the Knit Fest. 

Learn new techniques, designing and editing patterns or prep your old skills. The teaching language is either Finnish or English. The details of each class are written in the teaching language.

Tickets are available in Titityy webshop.

Ticket sales has ended. You can buy tickets from Titityy during Knit Fest.

Anna Johanna

Anna Johanna is a knitwear designer and a passionate knitter from the tiny northern country of Finland. On a bad year, it’s sweater weather all year long here. Luckily, she gets to wrap myself in warm woolly clothes.

Anna Johanna is a statistician so she loves all the math that goes into knitting and designing. She also loves trying out new techniques and is always intrigued if she can’t tell from the picture how something has been made. Anna Johanna does try to branch out into accessories as well but designing cardigans and sweaters is her zest for life.


Fiona Alice

Fiona Alice is a Canadian knitwear designer, originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, but now resides in Helsinki, Finland.

Fiona has always love to travel and often incorporates inspiration from new cities and landscapes into her designs. While she was living in London, England, Fiona published her first book, Take Heart: A Transatlantic Knitting Journey, with Pom Pom Press in 2015.

Fiona is continuing to work with knitting publications and yarn companies while also exploring her new home in Finland. 


Heli Rajavaara

Heli Rajavaara is a knitter, a test knitter and a technical editor. When it comes to knitting she has focused on test knitting for other designers before they publish their design. She has also worked as a technical editor for several designers.

Heli was a teacer in Knit Fest in summer of 2018 too.


Jennifer Steingass

Jenn is a knitwear designer who lives in rural Maine, USA. She’s travelling here from a long distance, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Jenn is known as @knit.love.wool and she creates timeless yet modern designs that are simple, beautiful, and effortless to knit and wear.

Jenns patterns are easy to follow and knit.


Kati Nuijanmaa

Kati Nuijanmaa is a crafts multitalent from central Finland. Over the years Kati has taught several crafts classes for example in Jyväskylä Community College.

Kati has a degree of textile artisan and she has experience from wide range of crafts. This year Kati teaches to take a look at the details in your knit work. Her classes are aimed for beginners but you’ll get a lot out of them even if you are more experienced knitter. 


Kirsi Kostamo

Kirsi Kostamo has a long career in teaching handicraft and an enthusiastic crafter who has taught crafts for decades. 

Even though Kirsi is interested in all kinds of crafts she is especially in to traditional methods. Spinning is the essence of all crafts because without the art of spinning there wouldn’t be any textiles. She has also written her master’s thesis on spinnig. Everything starts with the yarn.


Nathan Taylor

Nathan Taylor (aka Sockmatician on Ravelry, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter) is a knitwear designer, knitting teacher, and popular podcaster on YouTube. Since starting his adult knitting life in 2011, he has had patterns published in a lot of knitting magazines. The majority of his patterns, however, can be purchased individually on Ravelry.

Although his designs encompass a wide variety of techniques, Nathan is most known for his work in developing and designing patterns in Double-Knitting: a technique for creating a reversible, two-sided fabric in two or more colours, where the pattern and colours on one side are inverted on the other. Nathan has given classes in the subject all over the UK, Europe, America, New Zealand, and Australia, in locations ranging from the smallest local yarn shop, to North America’s largest sheep and wool festival, Rhinebeck.

Nathan is full of energy and we had a lot of fun with his classes last year, so we are delighted that he’s coming to join us again!


Olga Buraya-Kefelian

Olga Buraya-Kefelian is a knitwear designer who draws her inspiration from industrial and architectural fields, combined with her passion for European and Japanese design. This results in Olga’s knitwear designs infused with innovation. Her designs are intelligently constructed pieces. Olga’s patterns provide quintessential wardrobe staples that will compliment various outfits, suit multiple occasions, wearable year round and will suit all seasons.

Balancing out love for texture and minimalism presented in numerous accessories and garments, Olga’s pattern range consistently implements technique-driven elements within each pattern for a greater learning experience and impeccably finished knitwear


Soile Pyhänniska

Soile was almost ready to quit knitting for good when her elementary school teacher threatened to flunk her. Nowadays she keeps her stitches and needles dancing every day. 

Knitting for Soile is all about the colours, combinations and patterns. Brioche and fairisle are closest to her heart. She works as a graphic designer and uses colours and shapes every day.



Susanne Sommer

Susanne Sommer is a brilliant knitwear designer from Austria. Her style is always a bit different, edgy and her use of colors is always a pleasure for eye. 

Susanne aka Sosu teaches brioche, and other ways to manipulate knitting using different stitch patterns and colors.