Jyväskylä Summer Knit Festival 2021 – 15th celebration year of yarn shop Titityy

This year we will have many smaller events during the rest of the year.


12.6. The big summer knit meet and greet with Anna Johanna and Strands of Joy book celebration

  • Anna Johanna and Team Laine Magazine Meet & Greet at 11am to 3pm with sample knits from the book.
  • Viitasen Piia concert at 4pm

During June-July we will knit together a new shawl designed by Villapesuohjelma, called Villapesurutistus (wildly translated Villapesuhug), more info coming soon! Yarn kits for the shawl sold in our webshop Titityy from 21th May. Follow the social media and newsletters by Titityy for more info.


Joint program with Jyväskylä Summer Festival 8.-11.7.

  • Thursday 8.7.
    • Jyväskylä Summer Festival program at Toivola Old Court Yard
    • Meet and Greet with Villapesuohjelma at 6pm
  • Friday 9.7.
    • at 5pm Knit Parade
    • The Big Knit Night part 1 at 6pm, Hevi Metal Knitting 2021 World Championship virtual event stand, read more >>
  • Saturday 10.7.
    • Yarn Market (if Covid-19 situation permits… more info coming later)
    • The Big Knit Night part 2 at 6pm, Lehtojärven Hirvenpää concert at 8pm, tickets 20 €
  • Sunday 11.7.
    • Knit brunch at Toivola at 11am to 3pm

Crazy Knitter -selfie spot at Titityy:
Take a selfie with our Crazy Knitter statue, share it with a hashtag #hulluneuloja and you have a chance to win a HUGE yarn package on the 11th of September, when we celebrate 15 years of Titityy!


Titityy 15 years on September 11th, more info coming soon!