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Ann Myhre was never good at following other peoples patterns, so she started making her own. Her patterns are easy in construction, and they often have stranded parts. Ann finds inspiration from other knitters and colors, and she has her own inspirational boards on Pinterest. She says she is a slow designer and some of her patterns are re-makes from her childrens favorite sweaters. Ann is also knows as Pinneguri and you can follow her at Raverly, Instagram and Pinterest.

Steek it all!

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klo / hours 14-17
hinta / price 79e
Vanha Pappila / Old vicarage
Opetuskielenä englanti / Class is in English

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klo / hours 10-13
hinta / price 79e
Vanha Pappila / Old vicarage
Opetuskielenä englanti / Class is in English


Does the thought of cutting into your beautiful project scare you? Would you like to knit all the things in the round, using the scissors to shape? Is your charepus_bilde2ardigan too large and your trust in the scissors small? This is the class for you.

I’ll take you through the steek, the crochet method, picking up stitches for button bands, sleeves or ribbing – and you get to cut into different yarn qualities like wool, merino, alpaca and superwash-treated yarn concur that fear.

The class is suitable for beginners. The more people, the longer the class. Class is in English.

There is a small homework that has to be done before the class. Ann will personally send the instructions for attendees.


Starting a tradition – collecting Norwegian knitting patterns in the early 1900s

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klo / hours 14-15
hinta / price 25e
Suomen käsityön museo / The Craft Museum of Finland
Opetuskielenä englanti / Class is in English

At the beginning of the 1900s women connected to the Norwegian Craft Council (Husfliden) travelled around Norway to collect knitting charts and traditions. One woman in particular is a legend in Norway today, Annichen Sibbern Bøhn. All Norwegian designers after her own her something, among them Unni Søiland Dale with the Marius sweater, Elinor Flor, Arne & Carlos and so it continues.
Class is in English.