This post includes coupon codes

We think that everyone who loves a good knitting pattern loves also a good discount code! To get you all knitting wonderful new garments that you can show off in our festival, we’ve got some codes! Our teachers have been very generous and we sure hope to see a lot of knitwear on your needles!

Not to fool anyone, Summer in Finland is not that hot. We need our sweaters and knitted cardigans all year long. Surely we hope to have warm festival days, but if you want to knit through the night, or even until late, you might get cold. So do not hesitate to cast on a sweater if you feel like it! I surely will!

Here is the list with all the links included. Please do not spread the codes. If you feel like to spread the word, maybe just link this page to your friends?

Ann Myhre offers about two euro discount from three of her patterns with code finlandjuly2017. Promotion is valid until July 31st.
The Flea Cardigan
The Baby Flea Cardigan
The Angry Sheep Cardigan

Isabell Kraemer
With the code JKFKAL17 customers will get a 25% discount on all self published patterns. Promotion is running from today to June 30 (midnight Berlin time).

Susanne Sommer
Using the code JyvaskylaKAL you will get 50%  discount from all of her patterns. Code is good until April 14.

Nancy Marchant
Nancy is offering 30% off of her Flying Fish and Damask Cowl patterns. This will be offered until the last day in June.
Flying Fish: use the code JKF Flying Fish
Damask Cowl: use the code JKF Damask Cowl

Happy knitting everyone! When posting your kal-pictures on Instagram, use hashtag #jklknitfestkal or #neulefestaritkal

Oh and by the way.

The best yarn store in Finland, TitiTyy, is offering 15% discount tomorrow night. If you want to hear more, follow them on Instagram.


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