A little update

A little update of the classes.

I know some of you are still pondering what classes to attend. Here’s a list of the classes that still have room. Some have just couple spots left.

Nancy Marchant, Tuck Into Your Own Brioche Cowl
Joji Locatelli: Sweaters that fit, Design your own crescent shawl and Multicolored projects: how to use your stash
Ann Myhre: LECTURE: Starting a tradition
Susanne Sommer: Knit Jewelry, All about i-cords
Veera Välimäki:  Kaarrokepaidat / round yoke sweaters, Huivit ja muodot / Shawls and shapes, Värileikki / Colorplay and Raitoja / Stripes beyond the basics
Tuulia Salmela: Kuituoppiluento, Värttinäkehruu
Piitu Nykopp: Varjosta valoon, Kerroksia
Heidi Alander: Huivisuunnittelu
Molla Mills: Monivärivirkkaus, Popcornvirkkaus

Since it’s raining and the weather doesn’t seem so appealing now is great time to shop something to look forward to! All tickets can be found at Zupticket.

We will open our vendor application tomorrow, March 18th. If you are a dyer, come back tomorrow and apply!


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